Animal Moves

During Term 2 Prep G and Prep F explored how animals move. They went on an excursion to ZooDoo and saw lots of animals moving.

With some help from our buddies in grades 3/4 we used ArtRage and MS Powerpoint to show how animals can move. Take a look at our digital book.

Have you watched animals moving? What words would you use to describe how an animal moves? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Our Gardens Excursion

Late in third term we went to the Botanical Gardens. We looked at maps, the veggie garden, the Antarctic house and lots of trees and plants.


This was part of our History, Geography and Science Curriculum. The children wondered where Tino was. They really liked the fern house. We learnt that many plants in the gardens came from other countries. The Brick Wall was built to protect frost and cold sensitive plants.


Did you know the Royal Hobart Botanical Gardens is respected worldwide? Do you know of any other famous gardens?  Please feel free to leave a comment.

A Visit to a Farm


Prep F and P/1GM went on a excursion to visit a farm called Glen Quoin. We saw a sheep being shorn. The wool was put into a machine that squashed it into a bale. The wool fibres felt soft and oily. We got to explore different pieces of farm machinery. We had a ride in a big trailer that was towed by a tractor, and we saw newborn lambs in the paddocks.

What do you think people can make from wool fibres?

Please leave a comment sharing your ideas.