Creating with Our ICT Buddies

Some of the classes have been working hard with their buddies. They have been app smashing to create an online book all about the friends of ten. They used ArtRage to receive a tracing image via Airdrop. They took a screenshot and cropped it after they had finished working with the image in ArtRage. They Airdropped the image back and Mrs S created a book in Book Creator. They received the book via Airdrop and added the text to the pages.

We use the Friends of Ten maths strategy to help us when we are working with numbers. We might be combining numbers together. We might be finding out how much more to get to 10 or 20 or even more.

Knowing our Friends of Ten can help us with some other maths strategies. We can Think 10 or Make 10 and add what is left. We can think 1 more than 10 or 1 less than 10 to help us add numbers together.

How would you use the Friends of Ten to help you solve a maths problem? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Starting Term 2

Welcome back to the start of term 2. During the first two weeks our grades 3-5 were at learn to swim and practising their water safety skills. Our grade 6 students had extra I.T. time with Mrs Smith. On Monday and Tuesday of week two our grade 6 students were introduced to some very important first aid advice from some Carlton Beach surf lifesavers. Check out our school Facebook page to see more photos.


During the I.T. time the grade 6 students were creating infographics about our school. To make the infographics the students came up with questions for a short survey. They also worked with MSExcel to create graphs using the results of the survey. They also used the auto shapes from MSPowerpoint to create little monsters.

Here are some of the finished infographics.

Have you created an infographic? Please leave a comment to tell us what it was.

By Eloise and Anna.

More Pictures with Pattern Shapes

Our grade 1-2 classes and their buddies also explored the Pattern Shape app. They were able to use all the shapes to create a picture. Their next task was to count the number of each different shape used and also to count the total number of shapes used. The Pattern Shapes app uses the same shapes that we find in our Pattern block sets that can be found in each of our classrooms. We can use these shapes to help us show our maths knowledge as well as create interesting pictures.

Have a look at the Animoto videos of our work. Our 5-6 buddies helped us to use the Snipping tool to take a screen clipping of our pictures. They also helped us to save our work in the correct place so that Mrs S could find all of our work when she was creating the images in our videos.

How else could we use the Pattern Shape app to share our learning? Are there some other ways that we could combine Maths with Art? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.


Creating Pictures with Pattern Shapes

Prep F and Prep G have worked hard to create some interesting pictures using the Pattern Shapes app. They used a triangular grid to help them line up their shapes. Their buddies from the 3/4 classes helped to use the Snipping Tool to save a copy of the pictures. Sadly some of the Preps ran out of time to finish their pictures. Watch the Animoto videos to see the finished ones.

Have you created some pictures with shapes. What did you create? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Exploring A Great Maths App

During our Mrs S time we used our new iPad mini devices and our laptops to explore a great Maths app called Geoboard. A Geoboard is made of nails and uses rubberbands and can be used to explore topics in geometry. We were able to use a virtual geoboard which meant that we never ran out of rubber bands and they could not break by being stretched too much.

We started out by exploring the app and the tools we could use. We then had an open ended challenge to complete. The good thing about an open ended challenge is that there can be many answers.

Have a look at some of our work.

Have you used a Geoboard to create shapes? What else could you use the Geoboard app to explore in Maths? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Using Different Strategies to Work Out Our Maths

What is under the cup?
What is under the cup?

We have twenty cubes in a cup. One of our class is chosen to take some cubes out. They turn the cup over to hide the rest of the cubes and put the ones they have taken out on the top.

We all work out the answer to what it is hiding under the cup. We use different strategies to help us.

What strategy would you use if there were 4 blocks on top of the cup?

 4 +___= 20    

Please leave a comment sharing your ideas.

Making Cars and Going to the Drive In

Isabelle’s Mum comes to our class to help us with our work. She helped us to make some cars. We used cardboard boxes, paper plates, paper, glue and paint. We had to decide what colours to paint our cars. Our cars were big enough for us to sit in. We had number plates on the back and the front of our cars. We used our initials as part of our number plate. Then we had to choose our three favourite digits and make the biggest number we could to be the rest of our number plate.

At the Drive In

We talked about how people used to use their cars to go to the Drive-In to watch a movie. We thought is would be a great idea to drive our cars to the hall and watch a movie. We watched Over The Hedge. We had rainbow popcorn, chocolate brownies, chips, Tic Toc biscuits, lamingtons and a drink while we sat in our cars to watch the movie.

Watching the Movie

Do you remember visiting a Drive-In to watch a movie? Have you made a pretend car? What did you use?