Book Buddies!

Hello again,

Every fortnight our school has a thing called Book Buddies. The classes are all paired up with one primary class and one early childhood class. Everyone loves it. In Book buddies we split into two and half the class goes into one room and the other in the other class. We read stories and after that we talk about what we just read and may do a drawing about it. The thing that was so special about this certain Book Buddies was that every class in the in the school was doing it at the same time.IMG_0677[1]

After we have shared a story we generally play a game or we draw and talk. Sometimes we even use the computer.

Is it good fun to share a story and read with younger children? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.


Following Instructions to Create an ArtRage image

We shared the story called Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins. When we were working in the Library with our buddies we followed some instructions to draw a picture about the story. Our buddies helped us to read the instructions and helped us to find the tools we needed to use in ArtRage.

Drawing Instructions for Rosie's Walk
Drawing Instructions for Rosie’s Walk

Here are our drawings.

Have you followed a set of instructions to create something? What did you create? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.