Creating with Our ICT Buddies

Some of the classes have been working hard with their buddies. They have been app smashing to create an online book all about the friends of ten. They used ArtRage to receive a tracing image via Airdrop. They took a screenshot and cropped it after they had finished working with the image in ArtRage. They Airdropped the image back and Mrs S created a book in Book Creator. They received the book via Airdrop and added the text to the pages.

We use the Friends of Ten maths strategy to help us when we are working with numbers. We might be combining numbers together. We might be finding out how much more to get to 10 or 20 or even more.

Knowing our Friends of Ten can help us with some other maths strategies. We can Think 10 or Make 10 and add what is left. We can think 1 more than 10 or 1 less than 10 to help us add numbers together.

How would you use the Friends of Ten to help you solve a maths problem? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Sharing the work from 3/4 J

Class 3/4 J have been very busy for the start of the term. From working on mandalas to the life cycle of living things.  They studied things like lady bugs, fruit bats, blue tounge lizards, iguanas, Guinea pigs, platypus, cacti and heaps more. They learnt some facts from their work here are some of them about the cactus.


Did you know that there are over 1,500 different types of cacti, some are thin, some are very, very tall and others are shaped like a ball……… a very spicky ball that is!! The spines of the barrel cactus were used by the local fisherman as fishing hooks.

Here are two of them.


3/4 J have also been working on mandalas. They had to choose an animal then right a poem about it. Then they had to draw pictures around the mandala to do with their animal. Mandala is the ancient Tibetan word for circle. It is a picture that tells a story, the story of a journey that we can follow. It is a sacred space which revels some inner truth about you or the world around you. Each drawing in their mandalas is a series of concentric circles which represents each line of their poem.

What’s you favourite animal? And why?

By Anna and Eloise

Some More of our Favourite Places

Here are some more of the books we created using Book Creator to share our favourite playground places. This time Mrs S saved the books as movie files to share on our blog.

All the classes have chosen a range of places within our school grounds. There are those that like the play equipment better and those who enjoy the large, grassy oval as their favourite play space.

Do you have a favourite space? Is is somewhere that you like to play with friends or a space to be alone? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

More Favourite Playground Places

Other classes also worked on creating books about their favourite playground places. Each class created pages using Book Creator that were then added to Dropbox so that Mrs S could put all the pages of each book together. In some of our books there were also some favourite inside places.

Looking at all the photographs there seem to be lots of favourite places in our playground. Do you like taking photographs? What do you think would be another idea for a collaborative book that we could create? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Favourite Places

Prep G worked with their Grade 3/4 buddies to create a book about their favourite playground places.

First we talked about our favourite places and then went outside to take photographs. When we came back inside we used Book Creator to make our pages. When all our pages were completed we added them to Dropbox so that Mrs S could combine all the pages into one book. Take a look at some of our favourite places.

To read our e-pub version follow this link and add our book to your e-book library.

Have you got a favourite place? Why do you like it? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Drawing Our Families

Prep G and Prep F have been busy drawing their families using ArtRage. They had some help from their buddies to export their finished drawings as JPEGs. Have a browse through their digital books to see some great artwork.


Our buddies, from 3/4 J and 3/4 P, were very helpful when we were using ArtRage. They showed us how to add a layer, how to select different drawing tools and how to save our work.

Have you worked with a buddy before? What is the best way a buddy can help? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Working Together to Create a Story

Eleven classes have been working on creating pictures for a story called “What If Everybody Did That”. Each class listened to the original story written by Ellen Javernick, talked about the ideas in the book and came up with some new ideas for the text. Each idea needed to be related to something that might happen at our school. Mrs S looked at all the ideas and picked out the common threads to create the text for our version of the story. Each junior class worked with their IT helpers to create images to go with the text.

Have a look at the different versions created by our 1/2 classes.

We used ArtRage to create our drawings. Many of us found out that drawing with a mouse is very different to drawing with a pen on paper.

Have you created a digital drawing? What program or app did you use? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.