The Inter-School Cross Country

On Tuesday the 14th of June we had the Inter-School Cross Country, held at Geilston Bay. The inter-School is where the top 6 of each grade (3-6) travel to Lindisfarne North Primary. We had some great results and everyone did their best and ran their hearts out. Eliza did a great job and came 2nd. Well done to everyone. Eliza and Connor were the captains on the day and did a great job getting everyone ready.

They were big races, the grade sixes ran 2.6 km, grade fives ran 2.2 km and the grades fours and threes ran 2.0km.

We congratulate everyone who competed and supported each other. It was a great day and great job everyone.

Do you Like the Cross Country?

If so, what is your favourite part of the race?

By Eloise and Anna

interschool 2


MBPs Cross Country

We are now in the 6th week of term 2 and we have just had our Cross Country. The Cross Country includes students from grade 3 to 6, but grade 2 students are allowed to run if they want. They run with the grade 3 students. Everyone joins in the race and they complete it to the best of their ability. It’s a really fun day too.


The basic course is a lap of the oval, then running down the gravel road to the bottom park, then doing a lap of the oval next to the park. Next is running though the front gate all the way back to the oval. Then there is one last lap before running to the finish line to end the race.


Does your school have a Cross Country event? When is it held? Do all grades have a go? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.