G’day student bloggers

You might notice on the sidebar of this class blog is a new link – Sue’s student blog. You will need to add this to your links on your own blog as it is here that I will be writing posts in future that relate to your student blogging.

I will be writing a new post every Sunday reminding you of things you could be doing over the next week or activities to try and then embed on your blog.

See you there!

Our learning today

Twins on a Beach

Russ Seidel via Compfight

Today Sue visited our classroom and began working with 9 students who now have their own blogs. Here is a list of things we have learned:

  • How to log in to our personal blog
  • Know if I am on my blog dashboard or the blog belonging to the class
  • How to change the time zone to Hobart
  • How to choose and change my themes
  • How to add widgets like class blogs and links
  • How to write a post and page
  • The difference between a post and page

We used a blogging bootcamp that helped us by showing step by step instructions. We also had to leave a comment on the first of the bootcamp posts.

Question: What was the most fun activity you did today? It didn’t have to be blogging.