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When I attend a conference, I generally plan and schedule the sessions I want to attend. These are often with speakers I know from previous conferences or about a topic I am really interested in.

But this online conference was different. Being retired and used to using the Blackboard Collaborate rooms, I offered to help as a moderator. I arrived in the main conference lounge around 10am and left around midnight each day. Some hours we were flat out, checking a couple of rooms each, but we did have chances for breaks.

Here are some of the sessions I moderated in,  had time to attend as a participant or heard were fantastic. Those teachers in bold I have met face to face and would recommend their sessions first as they collaborate globally all the time. Here is the link to all recordings from the conference.

Just click on the link and it will take you to the recording. Make sure your Java is up to date if you decide to use the BbC version rather than the .mp versions.

Theresa Allen: Digitween/Digiteen global digital citizenship project – students were presenters in this session

Christy Barham: Helping students embrace cultural diversity and develop global awareness

Marshal Conley: Personalized learning – a guide for engaging students through technology

Maria del Carmen Colussa – Keeping your batteries charged – learning together by connecting globally

Nick Cusumano: World Theatre Video Project – connecting globally through performance

Alice Forsythe: Global Education Coalition – mainly for New York City but mentioned other resources

Peter Gilmartin: Strategy for globalizing secondary school – global citizenship/competency certificates

Terry Godwaldt: Connecting your classroom to the global stage with Global Encounters

Michael Graffin: The Global Classroom Project: Stories and project launch 2014/2015

Dondi Gyongyi- how a classroom in Hungary opens its students eyes to the large world around it

Leena Hannula – Wonderful third life – senior citizens in art museum in Finland

Henry Harboe – Video pen pals with developing world classrooms

Jeff Harlan – Dream Flag Project – empowering and developing global awareness in K-12 students

Leslie Pralle Keehn – Global Citizenship License

Effie Kyrikakis – Building Essential 21st Century Skills Through Global Collaboration Projects

Julie LindsayFlat students – Flat learning – Global Understanding

Ann Michaelsen – How to create a student centred global classroom through skype, twitter and blogs

Anne Mirtschin – 4 different sessions – World is our classroom, Global connections, Skype in the connected classroom and Hello little world skypers

Yoshiro Miyata – World Museum Project – collaboration project using Scratch

Kate O’Hara – went through three web tools for enacting critical pedagogy online

Toni Olivieri Barton – Students presenting about Week in the Life – environmental issues

Group of teachersour global friendships

Daniel Sadowsky – Free UNICEF teaching resources for Ebola, Climate Change and more!

Student technology team – A student led virtual technology conference – a new model for collaboration

Joyce Valenza – Going global – a Library call to action

Ruth Valle – Mystery Skyping – why we love it

Global Education Conference


This week the 5th Global Education Conference begins on Tuesday our time in Australia.

This annual conference is a way to link with other students, educators and organizations around the world. You don’t have to sign up or join the ning to take part in the conference but if you want to make great connections with other educators or global organizations, then joining the ning would be worthwhile.

Every day, every hour, there are sessions you can join by logging in to a blackboard collaborate room. To find the room, just visit the schedule here (GMT+11) and click on the link up to half an hour before the scheduled time for the session to start. There will be a link there that will take you to your room. Just follow instructions and enjoy the session.

Once your session is over, the recordings will be archived and you will be able to get to them here.

Some speakers you might enjoy following are (link goes to their website):

Anne Mirtschin (Australia) – Tech Talk Tuesday 4pm session is always interesting, also the Tuesday 11pm session on Hello Little World Skypers

Julie Lindsay (Australia), Theresa Allen (USA), Toni Olivieri-Barton (USA), Robyn Thiessen (Canada), Ann Michaelson (Norway)

Some of the topics covered include blogging, skyping with other classes around the world (interesting one from a small school in Hungary), coding such as using Scratch.

Just check out the schedule and look at what the sessions are all about. Sometimes even worthwhile getting up for the early morning ones.

The organizers of the conference have produced a great flyer giving lots of tips on how to enjoy the conference and to get the most out of it.

Promo for principal

Does your principal know much about blogging?



Do you want to start blogging in your classroom?

Check out what Kent does in this advertisement. Maybe you could do something similar.


Perhaps they want to know more about the value of blogging in the classroom. Here is a great video from Mrs Yollis talking about just this.


Show your principal and other teachers how they can work together learning about blogging by doing the Teacher Challenge from Edublogs. Here is a link to their Blogging with Students Challenge. They give step by step instructions on how to set up your class blog as well as how to involve your students.

Remember you can also follow our Getting Started links in the header area of this blog.

Show your principal some of the blogs on the sidebar of this blog and show him/her how other classes are blogging around Tasmania and the world.

OK so you have decided to create a class blog then contact either Kent Poulton or Suzanne Wyatt via Dept of Education email and we will create your blog as part of the xpress360 setup.

Connecting with other classes

Are you and your class interested in

  • connecting with other blogging classes around the world?
  • adding interesting yet educational widgets to your blog?
  • using more web 2.0 tools in your posts?
  • reading what other students around the world are writing about?

Your answer is YES

Then join the September 2014 student blogging challenge.

First challenge set on Sunday 14 September.

Each week is a different topic with different activities to choose from.

Spreadsheet to find other classes and students to connect to by just clicking on a link to their blog.

If on holiday one week, miss those activities and come back to them later on.

No winner, just a chance to make connections and improve your blogging skills.

Click here to register your class blog. If any of your students have their own personal blog, they can register here.




New Links

You might have noticed a few new links added in the sidebar of this blog.

imagewidgetFirstly, a get help here button that you can add to your own blogs.

This button when clicked on will take students to an Australian government website about cybersafety.

To add to your blog> right click on the button on my sidebar and save the image on your computer.

Now open dashboard> widgets> image widget.

  1. Add title.
  2. Add image.
  3. Add caption about clicking here if you want to know more about cybersafety.
  4. Include link the button will take you to – find this by right click on my button and copy link or URL address.
  5. Make sure image is aligned to the centre.

Secondly, I have added some educator guides created by Edublogs management team for various social media you might want to be using in school.

Thirdly, I have added some links to DoE documents relating to using the internet, cybersafety and social media. Most of them need you to sign in before they will open.


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