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As you can see, I have started to add new pages across the top of our header area. If you hover over the About page, you will find a list of all the blogs created on the eLearning campus setup, also all the categories or tags used on all the blogs.

I think having a blogging glossary is handy for beginner bloggers and I will gradually add links in there to posts I will write like creating avatars and so on.

On our previous campus setup, many people had questions they wanted answered, so creating that page is handy for asking a quick question and I will answer it within a day.

Are there any other pages you think I should create?

  • commenting guidelines?
  • letter to parents about blogging?
  • letter to parents re images etc?
  • how to set up your class blog?
  • how to set up student blogs?

Remember information on a page remains static and might only change from year to year.



Getting Started!

Welcome to our new site for eLearning blogs.

If you wish to setup a class blog and explore this exciting world of communication and collaboration please contact Sue Wyatt or Kent Poulton.

Happy blogging!


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