Machine Gun

P1210963 When Brock and I first started working on the Machine Gun, we gathered all the necessary LEGO pieces to use in constructing this very exciting project. However there were a few times where we struggled to put some of the pieces together, so we had some help from Kyle, me and Brock were very grateful for Kyle’s involvement in helping us to build the gun. It took a few lessons to actually finish the construction process.

As soon as the construction of the machine gun was done we moved onto the programing. Brock was away for most of the Programing, but I asked for some assistance from Ethan, Ethan showed me the way how to get the gun’s firing mechanism working. Originally I wanted a single shot from the firing mechanism, but me and Ethan really tried our best to actually get the gun to fire one bullet but it just wouldn’t fire a single bullet, it just kept on firing multiple shots. So we decided to stick with it and actually improve the firing mechanism’s speed.


The speed of the firing mechanism was good at first, when we pressed the trigger, the gun’s firing mechanism would’ve shot out all the bullets at a very reasonable speed, but when it was time for me to present the Machine Gun to the other students from a different class, it didn’t fire as well as I thought it would. I probably should’ve gone back on the computer and did more tests on the programing’s speed range. If I had done that than the Bullets would have been firing in a straight line at an incredible speed.

Oh and I nearly forgot about the targets. Well the targets was the easiest part of the entire project, what I did was I just got 3 big black wheels to use as a bass for the targets to hold, however I think I need to improve the targets a little bit better. So overall it was a great project to work with, but I believe it could’ve been better.


Report Written by: Nick & Brock.

Reference: Project Machine Gun’s Building info –

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