P1210961We created a pong game where every time the ball hits the paddle it counts as one point and for every point you get the ball increases. We choose this game because we thought to go with a very old game which people used to play constantly and was very addictive. The other options we had was Pinball, Snake, Lane Bandit and a few others. Our pong game operates with the EV3 brick and one motor with a wheel on it so you can move it up and down for the paddle.

What we learn was not to do a task which could probably take longer than expected. What went wrong was the programming; it took to much time and was hard to find a way to make it work but we fixed this by finding a code which works and changed it up to the best we could in the time period that we had. Next time we have to do a challenge like this one, we/I will try and find the code and see if it is possible to do such a task.

Team members

  • Callum V
  • Hayden B

New Compressed (zipped) Folder  (code for pong)

We based our code on the code that we found here.

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