The death game

P1210951In our project named “THE DEATH GAME” or what Khyl personally named “Timmy”, was a robot that was designed around the idea of Russian roulette, on which there is a bullet loaded into a 6 bullet gun and the thing that holds the bullets is spun around so that the bullet will be in a random spot, Russian Mafias used to use this as a entry test to test if you are brave enough/committed to their cause.

In our game there are 8 buttons and one of those buttons is the bad button in which will fire the gun and make you lose. Every time you don’t press the bad button your score goes up by one. There is no cap on the score you can get.

Unfortunately during showing people from another class no one seemed too overly impressed though the fact that some of the people jumped when the gun fired was a good response. As a team, we were very happy with how it turned out.


Our group had plenty of fun building this robot, even though there was a large number of problems that popped up like trying to link two EV3 blocks linked up (Daisy Chaining).

Were we got the plans for the machine gun



Project by: Ashton H, Khyl L, and Hayden L


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