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Cody, Ethan


My contribution to the project was a little bit of everything really. Cody and I worked on the design and structure of the project together before production and building actually began. We talked a lot about different ideas and concepts and how things were going to work until we finally settled on the idea of Project Manji. I contributed to design and concept, I also built the bulk of the machine, but Cody also contributed. We both worked on different code segments and sought help from each other on a regular basis. – Ethan

How does it work?

The concept for Manji was a 1, 2 or 4 player game that was as fun as it was challenging.

The first time you boot into Manji you are greeted with a nice sound, and a simple instruction “Press Enter to Continue”. Once you press the middle button, the program will begin and the brick will start calling colors. You must press you colour corresponding to the sound to earn a happy Kung Fu sound, other wise, if you wait till it times out, or you press the wrong colour, the program will laugh at you.

The program works as described above but one feature I would love to have implemented was elimination. For example; if your color times out, you are eliminated, or if you press your button and it’s not your color called, you are also eliminated.



Although the concept for Manji was simple, the process in programming it was far from that. Originally we started out with a mess of intertwined blocks that we weren’t even sure would work. Then, when introduced to My Blocks and provided with some example code we managed to piece together a successful program that worked perfectly on the during Alpha Test 1. – Cody

Everything worked eventually and Cody was pleasant to work with, it was all in all a great class and individual experience. – Ethan

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