Racing game


This game is a top down racing game. This is an early version of the game where you can only drive around the track, crash into the wall, hit other cars for points and has working start lights where when the game starts up there off and after a few second they turn on for a few seconds then off and when they turn off the race would start but that not in the game yet. The AI don’t work yet but their cars are there to crash into.

Controls for the game are the arrow keys.

To play the game click on the link below.

racing game upload

One thought on “Racing game

  1. Hey this reminds me of a classic game I had on my Amiga computer, Micro Machines by Codemasters! Youtube video here:

    I do love the feel of the controls as they feel just right when you’re going around those corners, which is an important gameplay mechanic to get right! Get that AI working though or turn it into a two player game and I’m sure it will become a lot more fun!!! Awesome! 🙂

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