P1030093Our team (Brodie, Kyle and Dylan) came up with the idea of making a Basketball game. This idea came from us just throwing rubbish in the bin. The construction of it took a fair while for us to come up with as we tried a variety of ideas but all failed. We fiddled around with different sensors and experimented with them and tested them, and which would be more suitable with our experiment. We tested a light and touch sensor, and compared the two, for the light sensor, we measured the light sensor for darkness, so when the ball covered the light sensor, it would make the program go off. Then we tested a touch sensor, so when the ball touched the touch sensor, it would also go off and cheer, so the person who shot it knew that they had scored a point.

The outcomes we had learnt was to build and develop stronger friendships with each other and learnt that time managing was a key point that we didn’t follow very well.

The construction took some time due to the fact with so many ideas we took our time to construct a basketball hoop of some sort. We were pleased with the programming which took some fiddling around, but after mucking around with the programming, sensors and noises, we were pleased with what we finished with.

If we had more time we would work on a better idea of constructing a better basketball hoop, and probably could’ve made a 2-player game, in which two teams are competing to get to a certain score.+

The screenshot below is a copy of our programming we did for our basketball game.


Thank you for your attention. 😉

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