Cutlery Catapult

Catapult, LEGO thrower, Cat-Lery (catapult + cutlery)

What would it be like to throw LEGO across a room at the press of a button? Pretty cool, actually.

Our original ideas were to make 1 of 3 things: a car game using the EV3 brick as the screen; a catapult inspired by angry birds; or another idea we’ve since forgotten. After consideration from team members, the most interesting and most possible idea was a catapult.

It genuinely seemed like the most fun to build and play with; throwing Lego at targets across the room with a power settable catapult is a kind of fun everyone can appreciate.

We used a lot of advice from Rob with coding and with some ideas for building. Michael changed some coding, as well as doing a lot of original code, and Dylan and Josh built the actual robot as best they could. Which wasn’t great, honestly.


We learnt that it’s very difficult to get an idea and make it exactly as you want. And it’s also hard to manipulate values in code to put into a motor, and how to build a little faster.

Nothing really worked at first, from gear ratios, to the code, to button presses. Eventually everything was ironed out, and we figured out what we needed to. Our building was solid though, and it always worked well enough.

Lastly, our future plans are to make basic aesthetic and functional improvements to the robot and design.

By Michael, Josh and Dylan

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