Simon Says

P1030089Our robot game is essentially Simon Says. It has 4 light sensors and uses the two different light modes (ambient light intensity & reflected light intensity) and piano notes to display a random sequence and the player must press the correct buttons to proceed to the next level. When the next levels sequence is playing, it adds one more note/pattern to the sequence every time its a new level.

Why we did this program? Because we had no other ideas on what to do.

We copied a lot of the program from a person named Damien Kee. After we had made his program we changed the program to make it hold one more sensor so the pattern that is made would be more complicated and harder to do.

What did we learn for this project? We learnt how to make a Simon Says game using the EV3 robots and how to use some of the programs in a different way.

What worked and what didn’t work? Some of the program didn’t work so well, one of the red lights wouldn’t turn off after it was activated by the program. All we had to do to fix it was change one of the light modes to a different one.

What would we do if we had more time? We would try and make it use touch sensors for the buttons other than the buttons on the brick and use something else instead of the light sensors so that we could have more ports for 4 touch sensors.


Team members are Andrew, Jordan and Jayden

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