Reaction Duel

P1030095Reaction duel is like a duplicate version of the original reaction timer class project that involves a face popping up on the screen and the button being pressed and then the reaction time being displayed on the screen.

Now imagine that two people are using a reaction timer each this is what becomes the dual reaction timer. This game starts by player one pressing the reaction button and then a face appears on player two’s screen showing the game has started, then player two presses their button sending their reaction to player one, and then player one presses it and  round one is complete.

Each round gives both players a chance for their reaction and then they have two more rounds completing the game with all three round then they add up their reaction times. The reaction times are stored on the brick of player one and the person with the lowest score is the winner.

What inspired our group was when we used the ev3 brick to create a single reaction timer that displayed a face then you pressed the reaction button and then your reaction time popped up on the screen.

We would like to acknowledge the idea of the reaction timer because if not for that our group would not have thought of the duel reaction timer.

The outcome of our project was quite significant we learnt how to attach the bricks through Bluetooth and how to create two different very complicated programs that educated us very well in the matter of programming.

When reflecting on the game it was hard to create the program and get the bricks to interact.

If we were to have more time we would have try and complete it without the problems we hit along the way that of being one is only a receiver and stores the reaction times, we would like the times to be displayed and stored on both bricks.


TEAM: Brayden, Floyd and Nathan


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