Bad Wall Physics – The Game

CaptureMy game, as the name says with its temporary title, is Bad Wall Physics – The Game.

My game was inspired by the fast paced action of games like hotline miami, which put you right into the action in a top down maze with instant respawns. As my game is incomplete, this feature isn’t yet available. The mouse is used as a pivot point for the character, and allows you to have full range of movement while facing a direction, intended to allow you to bash (unimplemented) enemies away.

Simply to play, you use the WASD and shift keys, along with the mouse. WASD moves you, and shift activates a “sneak” mode. The mouse is used to point the character in a direction, be warned, this will not be the direction you move in.

Download Bad Wall Physics – The Game here: project unfinished

By Dylan M

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