Cops n Robbers!

Cops n RobbersEveryone knows who cops and robbers are. Cops are the good guys, sworn duty to protect the innocent from the bad. Robbers are the bad guys, who steal and try to get away with disobeying the law.

This 2 player, Cops n Robbers game is simple. The cop (who is player 1) is trying to catch the Robber who is trying to escape through yellow exit boxes (known as a sprite). The cop has 2 advantages towards him, one being able to have the option to shoot at the Robber, and the second advantage is the red boxes, if the robber were to be hit by either the bullet, or the red boxes, the level would restart and which would mean the Cop will win.

The Robber has no advantages to him however.The Robber’s idea is to try and get away from the Cop. His objective is the yellow exit box, which is his escape route and trying to get to the next level. If he is able to get through all levels, without being caught, shot or hit by the red boxes, then he wins the game.

I got the idea to create this game from one of my other classes. In that class, we study about the law and how it works (Legal Studies). After watching a few videos in the class, I got the idea on creating a Cops n Robbers game when our Robotics and Game design teacher said we had to create our own game, and that’s how I managed to come up with an idea of a game.

The controls to the game are quite simple. Player 1 (the cop), uses W to jump, A to go left, and D to go right, and uses spacebar to shoot. Player 2 (the Robber), uses the arrow keys to move left, right and jump.

Thank you for reading and hope you have fun Playing! =D

By Brodie C

Download: Cops n Robbers



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