Ninja Storm (Shinobi Arashi)

Ever wanted to curve a shuriken with epic music? Well, now you can!

In Shinobi Arashi (Ninja Storm) you, the ninja, need to get from one end of the map to the other by going from room to room and killing everything that gets in your way with your pmainmenuhysics defying shuriken. You have to get through hordes of other ninja and even samurai. Do you have what it takes to retake Himeji Castle from the invaders?

The controls are the usual WASD for the movement and Space Bar for the jumping.

The music came from Adrien von Ziegler on YouTube under his licence which gives students entirely free use of all his compositions.

All in game sprites (outside of particular backgrounds) were made by Michael and Joshua.



JOSHUA: Graphics, mainly. Not only getting sprites, but animating them, too. Obviously, we don’t have any animated sprites outside of the shuriken, and that’s for good reason. And the splash screen… Ugh, the splash screen…

MICHAEL: definitely getting the firing mechanics working, not only with the player but with the enemies too!! a lot of bugs and problems showed up, although one of them we ended up keeping as it worked well (strangely), it was tough to configure.

DYLAN: Mechanics mostly, getting things to work in conjunction with each other. My main challenge was creating a cohesive and linear path for the player to follow that wasn’t hard to navigate through using the controls available.


JOSHUA: We didn’t solve the animation.

MICHAEL: After long periods of trial and error and bug testing. Eventually the mechanics started working on par to what we wanted, so we kept it there, and didn’t fiddle with anymore.

DYLAN: Readjustment of the 10th degree, really, tweaking massive amounts and changing entire map parts

JOSHUA: I actually learnt a bit of coding and brining a game together. Also learned how to make a splash screen, and that making an actual game would be an absolute Hell.

MICHAEL: I learnt how tough it is to achieve even a slightly small game, and how teamwork is necessary to completing a project with limited time, I also learnt different mechanics of Game Maker that I didn’t originally know, and am able to use them in the future!!

DYLAN: How many parts and hours go into even a small game, and what each of thoserope-ladder-thingy parts do with each other.



JOSHUA: Outside of the fact we actually have a working game; I guess the way the team worked together. In terms of the actual game, probably the shuriken bug. DEFY PHYSICS!

MICHAEL: I’m proud of the fact we have a working game (as what Josh said), I’m also proud of the length of it, for such a small period of time, we were able to get a decent sized game that worked well, I’m also proud of my mechanics that I worked on!!

DYLAN: The entire damn game, I love it, its so much fun to play, I got to test and find bugs, and influence what went on in development next to a degree.

Download Ninja Storm here: ninja-storm

Download the Ninja Storm source code:

Team: Michael; Dylan; Joshua


One thought on “Ninja Storm (Shinobi Arashi)

  1. It was a little harsh to reset the entire game after dying. Perhaps just resetting the current level would have been better?

    The design was really impressive. The splash screen at the start and the menu screen. How to play and all of that jazz looked great.

    Really disappointing to see the splash and menu re-appear when I died, though. It seemed a little lazy and made me wait too long to try again, which, by the time I could play the game again, I’d lost the determination to beat the level.

    It’s a good start. It would be awesome to see you guys continue working on this game.

    3 stars, good job!

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