Punch Up

screenshot-punch-upOur game is a 2-player game about fighting. Defeat the opponent by punching them.

In this game you either play a character, created by Jayden, that was based on the character Goku from Dragonball Z, or a stick figure.

Only punching works at the moment, but we’d like to add kicking.


Player 1: WASD to move, T to punch

Player 2: Arrow keys, M to punch

Extra features

Some of the extra features that we were hoping to add if we had more time include:

  • Kicking
  • 1-player arcade story mode
  • More characters to choose from and play against
  • More maps


Through this project, we learned how to use other apps to help create some items for Game maker, for example Paint.NET. We were most proud of the coding and the character design.

We didn’t have any big challenges, but some things we could’ve done better were to learn some more about Paint.NET, and character movement.

Download: link:punch-up-complete-one

By Jordan, Jayden, Andrew

One thought on “Punch Up

  1. It’s obvious that you guys had massive plans for this game without even playing it. The way that one character was a really intricate design and the other was a little stick man was absolutely hilarious.

    The features that you planned to add would have been amazing, but you should be patting yourselves on the back for the game you managed to create.

    One of the best games in this years category.

    4 stars, well done!

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