Warp Pong

warp-pongWarp Pong is our very own version of the 1972 game that involved a ball floating from one side of the screen to the other by being stopped with a paddle. The game of pong was a great success and was incorporated with the great arcade game mashup the ATARI game console for home use, but at first it all started as a game for kids to play at their local arcade and the mastermind behind the game was that of a young engineer by the name of Nolan Bushnell an American from Utah who was born in 1943, Bushnell’s invention of the Atari was a way of getting his game pong and many others out to the world wit great success.

Warp pong is based off the original version but with a few different tweaks and the biggest being portals that the ball can float into on the screen and appear out the end of any other of the portals that are on the screen. The result of having random portals is that the game then becomes very unpredictable and a lot more fun than the original version and a harder gameplay which keeps it interesting.

Brayden during the game making process was in control of the game itself and Nathan was the tester, which left myself (Floyd) as the team leader and I was in control of making sure that the game was completed on time and that all work was handed in as well a completing this blog post.

To all that play hope you enjoy the game!!!!!!!!!

Download warp-pong

By Floyd, Brayden, and Nathan

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