Write a game review

Write a review about a game (or family of games) that you are familiar with. It doesn’t have to be a game that you like. Choose a game from a genre that you like.

Your review should provide a brief description the game (what genre, when it was released, what platform) and include paragraphs that cover:

  • Fun factor
  • Control and gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Sound
  • Replayability

Some tips..

  • Be clear
  • Be yourself
  • Be fair
  • Be specific – provide examples

The process

  1. You write your review in a Word document and email it to me.
  2. I will proofread your review, making edits using “track changes” and leaving comment, and then email it back to you.
  3. You accept or reject my edits, and rewrite any sections as required.
  4. You post your game review on the blog. (See other students’ reviews for examples)


  • Play the game – and make notes



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