Mario Kart 8 Review

mario_kart_8_logoMario Kart 8 is a 3D racing game for the Nintendo Wii U Console.

It is very similar to other Mario Kart games/titles, but it has different modes such as driving underwater, antigravity and flying with the glider.

This one has HD 1080p graphics, awesome music & sound effects, game modes, a lot of characters, karts, tyres, gliders, 48 tracks, 16 cups, online, Amiibo costumes for your Miis, items, DLC packs & etc.

When I first got the game in August 2014, I was very excited about it. I set up my Wii U and gamepad and I started playing the game straight away.

The game looks fantastic in HD. The graphics looks gorgeous and beautiful. Characters, tracks and items amazing.

My favourite is Mario (of course), my favourite track is Rainbow Road. I like to customize my own kart. My favourite combination is the golden kart, with golden tyres and golden glider.

This game reminds me of playing Mario Kart Wii & Mario Kart 7, but in gorgeous HD graphics.

I highly suggest that people who like other games in the Mario Kart franchise get this game for the Wii U.

I love playing this game. Even though it has had great ratings and reviews from other people around the world, I was surprised and shocked to learn that this was the most popular racing game in 2014.

It is a fantastic and gorgeous game for us Nintendo fans to enjoy.

By Luke Kingston

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