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Dragon Ball Xenoverse, a role-playing and fighting game, is related to the Dragon Ball series because it take characters from the original show and puts them into the games of dragon ball and take the history from Dragon Ball Z and it changes the history of Dragon Ball Z. it also makes some new events that happen in the history of Dragon Ball Xenoverse or it just takes the story and you play in the story for some of the other games.-


The graphics in Xenoverse are different to other games. I like them because of this and because they are original.


The gameplay of Dragon Ball Xenoverse is an open area fighting that can also lead into other open areas. You can use a bunch of moves that have to be equipped from the main area of Tokki Tokki City, which is the area that you go around to get into the story missions or side missions. You also get abilities from the side missions. While fighting NPCs that you have to bet on the screen you will have your heath bar at the top left of the screen on under the heath bar you would have to things that are call stamina and ki. Stamina is used for flying faster then of just hovering in the air and stamina is also used as your guard and ki is used to activate your special ability’s and ultimate ability’s. The stamina and ki bars have multiple bars which tell you how much you have one bar of ki can activate your special ability’s and you need three to activate your ultimates. When you Level up in Dragon Ball Xenoverse you can choice six things to put your points into.


The sounds in Xenoverse are from the show, including the voice actors from the show.


The replay for the game could keep a person coming back because of how you can change what style of a character you would chose by ether choosing fighting close or ki blast type of character and the fights in the game can not be the same as to last time you played it.


The controls for Xbox are: A to jump, B to use ki blast, X to attack with normal attacks, Y to use attacks that can be charged and destroy a person’s guard. You can use LT to fly across the area and you can use RT to bring out special ability’s list and combine it by hitting either X, Y, A or B and you can hold down RT with LT to open your ultimate abilities.


That for my opinion for Dragon Ball Xenoverse would be that it is a fun game and the battles in the game are interesting and the gameplay is what helps making the game more interesting to bring me back.

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