Far Cry 4

At the start of this game you are in a bus driving to your Dad, Pagan Min. You are with this guy who claims he is your uncle. Next something bad happens with the bus. Mercenaries shoot the windows out. You try to hide, but it doesn’t work. They open the end of the bus and tell you to get out, which you do. After about 5 minutes, Pagan Min turns up in a helicopter and talks to you while the mercenaries take a very good friend of yours with them.

The facts

Far Cry 4 is a first person console game, with elements of skill, stealth, strategy, and action.

Fun factor

The fun in this game is you can shoot people, ride animals, steal cars, and fight other enemies.

Control and gameplay

The controls aren’t easy at first, but you get the hang of it after a while.


The graphics are good in this game, especially with driving cars.


The sound is very good especially when hunting for animals, when killing enemies, and when animals are coming towards you.


This is a game for older teenagers and adults, and definitely not for young children. For example, the game contains a lot of blood and gore, and animal cruelty. A real lot.

Review by Ben and Jayden M-S.


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