Grand Theft Auto V: A review

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the latest in the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) family of games. Make your way through Los Santos playing as Michael, Trevor, and Franklin as you make your way through missions from out of the ordinary, dealing with drug scandals, murder, hookers and heists. GTA 5 is a free roaming game that consists of real world choices, and do unrealistic things that we know in our conscience we would love to do, although we would get arrested, or fined.

Throughout the entire GTA (Grand Theft Auto) Series, they have always kept the same controls. These are the controls for the Xbox 360:


As for the graphics, the GTA Series has had a dramatic change since when they started. The more advanced it becomes the more the gaming revolution grows to become almost as your in a real life virtuality. They have used real life artefacts and buildings and convert it to the closet thing to the most looking reality. GTA’s main company (Rockstar) intend on creating more the GTA games, and as a personal fan, I can’t wait for the graphic development.

These are two different games from the GTA 5 series the one on the top GTA (Vice City) and the bottom GTA V.


Game sounds within GTA 5 is an interesting topic. The game consists of real life songs only when you’re in a car as  the radio. You have your classic Hip-Hop culture – including Snoop Dog a d Dr Dre – and then have your R&B (Rhythm and Blues) such as Rhianna, Kesha, and Lady Gaga. Within the game, there is no catchy tone like other movies and games, for example as catchy tunes such as Harry Potter theme song, Star Wars theme songs.

No, this game isn’t mostly consisted on the sound, sure the sound will get intense as you do serious missions, but no tone to stick to, but there is a plausible explanation to that situation. Although GTA has its series of games, they are more based towards the storyline and Multiplayer game play online.


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