Grid AutoSport Review

Grid AutoSport was released in 2015, and is the latest of the Grid series of games. It consists of a gameplay that has different classes of racing and career.

Your objective is to start your career and pick one of the classes to race in and over time complete them and receive better contracts from sponsors as you get good experience points. Grid AutoSport also offers some of the world’s best tracks including Mount Panorama sport also offers some of the worlds best tracks including mount panorama (Bathurst) which appeals to the Australian fans as well as the Australian cars such as Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore which are ending the Falcon and Commodore series of car at the end of 2016.

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As someone who has played this game I originally bought it because it hade the V8 Supercars and the Bathurst track and it reminded me of when I was younger and use to play v8 supercars Australia on my PlayStation 2. After buying the game I first played it on multiplayer with a friend and found everything on it was so realistic but I didn’t think the graphics were that great. I later played it in single player and found the graphics were really amazing it was just in multiplayer that they were not well executed.

The game was interesting as it had many cars to offer and I started my career in touring car class and found it fun and the better you do the more contracts you get offered by better sponsors which made it interesting and made you want to achieve that goal but that is the only reward on offer as you don’t unlock any cars or tracks and can not modify your cars looks in any way other than the livery’s already on offer. In the game you can’t go into the pits for fixing your car but it offers a rewind of a small amount of time to go back before damage may occur to the cars.

I have been playing the game for a while now but have not bothered much with career because there is nothing to achieve. It is, however, great to have custom races and set personal goals for yourself and adjust your car’s tuning for better speed, grip and acceleration. I would recommend the game as it is realistic and offers great driving experience as well as awesome graphics. As a game for people looking for a career objective of unlocking better cars I would not because career mode is pointless for that but you do enjoy the racing but it will become boring as there is nothing to keep you wanting to do the career mode.

This game’s online mode is amazing. If you buy the Black Edition of this game, you punch in your code to unlock extra cars and play against real people online. It makes it really addictive and fun I found the competition made you want to keep on playing and playing.

Hope you enjoy the game 🙂

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