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300px-hello_neighbor_coverHello Neighbor is a stealth/horror game where you try to find out what your ”neighbour” is hiding in his basement.

Hello Neighbor was developed by Tiny Build, the developers behind such games as Cluster Truck, Speed Runners, Party Hard and many more. Considering it’s in alpha stage, the game may get better than what it is now, even though it already has a few strong points there are some bugs that do make the game a bit unfair. But again, Pre-Alpha. Its fun factor is pretty fun with all the changing ways to get in and the traps that get set by your neighbour, the replayability is high because of this AI that learns your tactics, how you get into their house to change the way you have to play as they will block off and trap the many ways you can sneak into their house; ultimately making the game harder.

The graphics aren’t the best as they’re aiming for a playable game, not something flashy. They try to make it more fun by focusing more on the gameplay itself rather than the graphics. In all fairness the graphics even though they aren’t the best are pretty good for an indie game.

Although the graphics aren’t one of their strong points, the sound definitely is a strong point. As you can hear the neighbour and the sounds all around you immersing you more into the game as you try to focus on hearing the neighbour’s footsteps in between the chirping crickets, trying to avoid his “Intelligent AI”.

The game controls work well as there is no input lag and the controls are the general “WASD + Mouse movement” and not something confusing like “ESDF”.

The gameplay consists of the learning AI, traps and various other mechanics that make the game harder as you play. The AI will learn what you do, forcing you to change your methods of gaining entry. Waiting, patience and silence are key in this game as you need them to wait and learn where the neighbor is, and hopefully win the game.

By Julien

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  1. When I had first played this game the neighbor had scared me when he ran at you. It was early access and he ran super fast with scary music in the background! He even began putting chairs behind his doors and boarding up his windows whenever I got in! What is in your opinion the best part of the game?

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