Rocket League Game Review

rocket-league2Rocket League is a vehicular soccer game made by Psyonix and released for Windows PC, PS4 and Xbox. The game’s concept is soccer with rocket powered vehicles.

Fun factor

The game features various multiplayer modes catering for almost everybody including duel, doubles, standard, chaos. There are also competitive versions of these modes with ranks to define your skill. Rocket League also has less serious modes such as hoops, snow day and rumble. Hoops is basketball based, snow day is hockey, and rumble is a battle mode with power ups. These modes add more variety to the game.

Controls and gameplay

Incredibly fun sports action. Very accessible, easy-to-learn controls. Physics-based gameplay creates high skill ceiling. The controls are also customizable to what works for you. The only real downside to the gameplay is the game’s ball cam, making the camera follow the ball, which causes confusion to new players. Also, the in-game chat is really bad and almost inaudible.


The graphics of the game are nice and colourful.


The sounds of the game are clear and diverse with the some of the cars having different engine sounds. The different boosts in the game having unique sounds and some of the maps such as aqua drome being under water you can hear the sea creatures swimming past and neo Tokyo has the announcer


The game’s physics-based gameplay makes you want to learn the more advanced techniques in the game, which in turn keeps you playing the game. Also, the competitive aspect drives you to improve. I would recommend to anybody that plays video games because it offers such a fun experience.

by Brayden M


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