Cops n Robbers REMASTERED!

Cops n Robbers Remastered is (well obviously) a remastered version of our original game, Cops n Robbers.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to completely remaster it the way we wanted, due to members being sick and away for other reasons.

In the Remastered version (well what we manage to fit in) were a few, unique ideas that we thought players (like you) would find quite interesting and something that should’ve already been apart of the original game.

One major thing we wanted to add into the game was a background. We wanted to add a prison background into the first level, so during the chase, it would feel like the robber would be trying to escape prison and escaping the police and getting freedom. With the other two levels, we wanted players to feel like the chase is lasting from day to night, so we added a day and night time background, to give the players a feel of what a chase would be like.

TheĀ images below show all three levels, we wanted to have four and make that the final level, but unfortunately we didn’t have enough time and we rarely had a full team.


Something that we managed to get in was sound. Unfortunately it was only for the cop. What we mean by that is the sirens so the robber knows that the police is chasing them, as we want to make it feel like a real life, intense police chase. We also wanted to add background music, so it could give you a real life experience.

Another thing we wanted to add but unfortunately couldn’t, was the images of the sprites. The alternative meaning for it, is that we wanted the cop sprite to look like a police car, and the robber as a completely different car, but due to the image sizes, and the fact that this is a platform game, it would look quite strange, seeing cars jumping from platform to platform continuously.

There was plenty more we wanted to add but couldn’t.

Brodie, Dylan and Kyle. šŸ˜‰


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