Competitions and more

There are a bunch of great activities to get involved in if you want to stretch yourself or round out your computing experience.

If you’re interested in any of these, let me know and we’ll arrange a time outside of class to work on them, but you may also be able to work on some of these during class time.

  • Fair Go for the Swift Parrot – dates to be determined, but need to start researching and prototyping soon
    • We looking for someone who has some experience/interest in embedded systems (e.g. Arduino, Particle Electron, Raspberry Pi?)
  • RoboCup Junior
    • Regionals/State finals – June/July?
    • Nationals (Brisbane) – 23-24 September
  • Moonbots
  • Young ICT Explorers
  • FIRST Robotics Competition

See also these ones on my Computer Science blog that have more of a programming focus.


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