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Circle Rush is an EV3 Lego robotics game coded in Java using the leJOS library. In this project you start as a unit made of two circles. You must dodge enemies bouncing off the side of the screen, but beware when they hit you – your steering wheel rotates also losing health in the process. Once your health bar disappears the game will end. Running off the screen will also end the game.

This project using the concept of a small portable game for entertainment.

I originally planned for a racing game where you dodge obstacles but my idea evolved into a dodging game.

I encountered few failures in my project as I have lots of experience coding with Java but learning how to implement the hardware into the code would be the hardest part I experienced.

How I did it
When the game starts, a thread is started to run the Update and Render method. In the update methods I cycle through each entity stored in a list which controls their AI using basic logic. This also updates their velocity. In their render method, using the LCD screen as an input, this is used to draw each entity to the screen

Each entity inherits a GameObject class which contains the main variables and methods to control each entity. There are also many other things that I did in the coding but this is the main concept behind how I did it.

By James B

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