Memory Timer – Adem, Reuben, Jack

Our project was a game involving haptic feedback. In it, the robot displays a number (e.g. 5 seconds), followed by Start!, then a blank screen. The player needs to count to 5 and push the button when they believe that 5 seconds has passed. Then the game tells you how close you got.

We chose this project after making the first reaction timer, and just expanded on and adapted it into its own thing. Although we were going to do a Pong game, we realised that was being made by other people, so we came up with an original idea.

By making this project, we learned more about variables, as well as timers. If we had more time, we would’ve added a score, as well as a two player mode (we had one, but no one could win).

By Adem U, Reuben L, Jackson C

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