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The Safe Cracker haptic game puts the player in the role of a thief breaking into a safe with unknown contents. Luckily, the player is a master locksmith and knows exactly how to break into said safe.

The game consists of a brick interface, a motor to act as a safe dial, a motor to act as a “tell” and a button to select numbers. You play by spinning the safe dial until you find the safe’s “tell”, which in this case is an exposed gear turning. When the player finds this, it means they have stumbled onto one of the lock numbers. After all three numbers are found, the safe unlocks itself and the thief is in.


This is the full program…

The program consists of five loops performing the following tasks…

1. Clear the screen, set the random number answers, and act as the safe dial.


2. Haptics on the dial.


3. Display the correct numbers (once successfully entered).


4. Activate the “tell”.


5. End the program.


We got the idea after seeing JK Brickworks video of a working LEGO safe and decided to use the same idea to make a digital safe to break into.

Instead of making a physical safe we made a digital one in the brick interface which like a physical one requires three different numbers to be entered to open it.

In the end we managed to get the safe working with randomized safe numbers, haptics in the safe dial to prevent the player from selecting numbers beyond the number range and created a small finishing fanfare with the motors spinning rapidly to signify the safe opening.

This is the program: safe cracker-xm28oe

By Luca & Brandon

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