Simon Says – Brian & Darrian

Simon Says is a simple memory game.

The idea was to have different colours of bricks symmetrically placed on a wheel with the wheel hooked on motor.

Programmatically the wheel would be rotated in a random sequence which in a player’s perspective would see a random set of colours pause between intervals of a second. The player would then be required to remember the colours that get displayed in order.

At the end, the wheel will stop spinning alerting the player to retrace the colours he/she was supposed to remember in a sequence using the brick buttons. The up and down buttons rotate the wheel in a positive and negative direction, and the center button confirms the the colour.

Our inspiration draw from a famous kids TV show called the Wiggles.

Our start on this project was pretty scrappy. Through brain storming, trial-and-error, and making a couple of prototypes, it became pretty clear that we were going to make a memory game which happens to be Simon Says.

Full code




Future Plans
To ensure we improve in future, we must seek for help as early as possible.

It’s crucial to understand spending too much time on a prototype only results in failure or unpredictable outcome on a project.

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