Skyrim Beat’em Up

The aim of “Skyrim Beat’em Up” is to collect gold while cutting a path through a endless stream of enemies and to get to the end goal in the form of a treasure chest.

The original concept was based on the game Skyrim where the player take the role of an adventurer wandering the lands and delving through dungeons. We took the act of moving through a dungeon and turned it into an 2D Side Scrolling Beat’em Up game.

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The biggest challenge that we encountered was the UI and heath bars for the enemies. Due to the nature of having a view port the health bars had to remain on screen and when the enemies left it the health bars separated from them and followed the view ports. To fix this we had to use a different draw operation and change the health bars from UI objects to ordinary draw objects.

The main features that we learned to use during this project was the use of score points and health variables. not only did we give the player health, but we gave it to every enemy as well. We also added a scoring system that raised with collected items.

The thing we are most proud of is our use of draw boxes to create a hit box for combat. Instead of using collision to deal damage, we use an if statement that says that if an enemy is inside the draw box take damage. From what we know this is the only way to make a hit box.

By Brandon and Luca

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