Within Forest

Our game is a virtual reality horror experience, in which you have to find a key, and escape, without getting killed by the monster.

To play this game, you require a powerful computer (e.g. GTX 1070, i5, 8GB RAM) and a virtual reality headset.

We really needed to shoot a lot lower than we did, the original concepts were much too grand for a six week project, especially when we didn’t have the best communication and was only a 4 student project. We all seemed to want different things by the end.

The original idea of the game was a 1800’s styled VR horror experience, based on witch folklore, with a big mansion in the centre surrounded by forest. The goal would have been to find a car key and escape via the car. We ended up with something very simple however, with a few unfinished assets.

By James A, James, B, Connor M, and Daniel W.

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