Fall8 is a top down, RPG, adventure game based on the Fallout and legend of Zelda game franchises. You play the character of a man named LIMP. After waking from your long slumber to a broken world, you must save the land of Waste County from the evil and destructive clutches of darkness.

Get ready for the adventure of a life time. You will fight raiders with your extreme firepower, help townsfolk to acquire stronger weapons, and maybe even one day acquire the legendary chicken launcher. You can even help one of the four bar leaders to have a chance of fighting the powerful and destructive CANON.

The hardest part about making this game was implementing the text features to their fullest potential. That is, the text that the quest-givers produce and how the text changes when various activities have been performed. This proved to be quite difficult as there were several problems that arose when these quests were implemented. The text needed to be aligned to every object that needed text and the text also needed to know when it should and should not appear. Especially the “Press Space” text that appears on most interactive objects in the game.


Created by Jayden, Tim, and Jonathan.

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