Fallout 4 Review

Fallout 4 is an action roleplaying game. Although as the name might suggest there are quite a few Fallout games other than 1-4 of which are all great in their own way. One of such, Fallout New Vegas was made by Obsidian and licenced by Bethesda (Owners of the series) I’m reviewing fallout 4 because I am a huge fan of the series and I have over 1000 hours pumped into fallout 4 alone!

Fallout is set in the ruins of post nuclear warfare in the USA. Each Fallout is usually set in a different part of the US, with Fallout 4 set in Boston, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In game non-player characters (NPCs) refer to the wasteland as “the commonwealth”.

Fallout 4 is a great game, but it just doesn’t have the same Role playing game feel  that previous fallout games had it felt more on the action side of things but this won’t stop you from becoming a fallout addict! It feels a lot better  with the revamped shooting mechanics, all the controls feel a lot smoother in general and it also feels like there’s more to do and explore than the previous titles in the series. Some areas the game felt unpolished but in others it flourished like the new building and crafting system, it fit right into the series. This game is very fun to play and can be challenging at times but difficulty can be shifted to suit all players.

The game requires you to pick one of four major factions in order to complete the main quests of the game, leaving room for a lot of replayability. Even with the game completed it has many mini quests, locations to discover, people to talk too, guns to mod, buildings to build, power armour to collect and mutated wasteland creatures to kill!

The graphics are a huge upgrade from the previous titles as well as adding a lot more animations to NPCs around the wasteland. A lot of players complained that the game was too bright compared to its siblings but I’d have to disagree with that as I quite like the sexy blue skies. Talking about blue skies, the game also includes different weather types from clear blue skies to foggy whites to green radiation storms!

Fallout 4 is also the first game of the series to have a voiced protagonist which also had a bit of criticism but I quite like it.

You can play as a male or female character and completely manipulate and customise their face and body type including adding makeup, scars, markings, enlarging and shrinking facial features, etc.

The game’s sounds are decent. It has various battle music that plays as you engage in fights. NPCs aren’t all voiced by the same 1 ½ voice actors this time. I do think it could have had some more music in some situations to set the mood more.

Overall pretty great game and definitely hope they make another soon.



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