Game Review – Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 by Electronic Arts DICE is the latest game in the Battlefield series. Released in 2016, this game had very positive feedback regarding the trailer. On release, gamers responded well, however there were some bugs that people encountered.

The game is based on the battles fought during WW1. The game focuses more on online multiplayer but also provides short stories about different parts of the war. These stories show how hard it was to be a soldier during the war and once they are all complete the game acknowledges the lives lost during WW1.

This game is fun and the game makes sure that you don’t get bored. You can play how you want to play, keeping your attention for longer. Currently there are two DLC’s (Downloadable content) that have been released for this game, keeping fans interested with new content. The game also allows you do take control over vehicles, which has been a big part of most battlefield games.

The controls for Battlefield 1 are very easy to pick up. It uses similar controls to most first person shooter games. The gameplay is very smooth, however there are times that you encounter some bugs. Some bugs were seen on the menus. The most popular bug is when the player gets stuck in the loading screen. Movement bugs were also popular but have been improved since the release. These bugs can make your experience annoying.

Battlefield 1 has great graphics; maybe some of the best currently. The details seen through the maps are very good. The graphics of the guns are very well done. They have been modelled on real guns. Some of the guns aren’t exactly the same but are very close. The work done to the land and water is very good. The water reacts correctly to physics if a crater is created near water. The user interface is very clean and easy to navigate.

The sound in this game is very realistic. Most of the noises that can be heard are overpowered by explosions and gun fire. Some sounds include the wind, moving sand, water and there is even a chance that your character will say “Hi” to another person’s character. You can tell that a large amount of effort had gone into making the sound perfect.

Battlefield 1 is a very repayable game. Each online game you will play will be different because the people you will be playing against may be replaced by another or they will approach the battle with a different strategy making the game unpredictable. Different guns and classes will also change how the game is played. If you are a medic you will have to make sure your teammates are always healed or being revived. If you are a scout you will stay back and kill the opposing team from a distance.

I feel that this game is very good and differs from all other first person shooter games. The bugs, however, make the game difficult to play sometimes. The most impressive part of this game would be the small details that make the experience more enjoyable. I would recommend this game to gamers that enjoy first person shooters.

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