Call of Duty Black Ops: Zombies review

Call of Duty: Black Ops is a multiplayer first person shooter that is very popular among both Xbox and PlayStation users. Black Ops has a side mode called Zombies. This mode was in a previous CoD but in Black Ops is where it became big. In the Zombies mode, you start in a small room with a pistol and windows where the zombies come out. You have to defend yourself so you can progress in rounds, hitting these zombies gets you in-game currency that you can use to buy bigger and better guns, or you can buy doors so that the room you’re in isn’t as small and you have more space to run and gun.

The story to Zombies in Black Ops is simple: just survive as long as you can. The game just keeps going until you die. There is no real end; they just keep coming.

Black Ops has great graphics everything ran smooth and was pretty spot on the zombie’s jaws hanging off, skin destroyed and eyes that would stare into your soul all added a tenseness to the game keeping you on your toes almost constantly. The maps also included with this zombies mode where so good and very memorable.

In Black Ops sound is taken very seriously with great explosion noises clean gun noises and great voice acting. In Zombies, everything from the screeches, scary music, the grunts of a zombies clawing at you to the loud screams when they started running, altogether it made the mode just that little bit better and scarier.

As for replayability, Zombies is king. My cousin and I love to play split screen over and over again just try to get to a really high round and better guns then always before we know it it would be 3am in the morning and we’d have to get off otherwise the next day we would be sleeping all day but it would be worth it.

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