Super Mario Odyssey: Review

Super Mario Odyssey is a 3D platformer mixed up with open world sandbox elements. It was released worldwide for the Nintendo Switch on October the 27, 2017. Its development started in late 2013 following the release of Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U.

The game consists of many different worlds that can be deeply explored for a lot of different collectables. These collectables can do a range of different things, and collecting them is one of the main goals of Super Mario Odyssey. These collectables are:

  • Power moons which serve as the main collectables in the game allowing Mario to go to new locations and unlock new costumes.
  • Purple coins which are used as premium currency that allows for more new costumes that may unlock more power moons and also allow you to add sticker and figurines for your ship.
  • Regular coins which are used as regular currency allowing you to buy basic costumes and some power ups.

The worlds in Super Mario Odyssey are quite diverse, from lush jungles to dune-filled deserts. This allows for many different game mechanics. Each of these worlds can have up to 60 or more moons to collect. The shear amount of moons allows the player to always keep finding something new to do, from jumping over a giant pit to helping a skull man herd his sheep. Although many of the moons are placed in easily accessible locations in early levels, they become a lot rarer in later levels, only serving as a marker to keep you on the right track for the story.

The game also supports a new mechanic called CAPture. This ability allows Mario to throw his living cap, named Cappy, at entities and enemies in the game, enabling Mario to become them. This ability broadens the scope of the game, turning the game from just a 3D platformer to a 3D sandbox platformer. Despite this, I was disappointed a little because of the promise of turning into a t-rex. This happens in the game, but only in one world and only allows you to be the t-rex for a few minutes. This is the only time-limited CAPturable entity in the game. This wouldn’t be as bad if they hadn’t shown it in the trailer as much as they did. However the ability is a fun and exciting new way for Mario to get around.

Super Mario Odyssey comes with a new costume system enabling you to customise Mario and Cappy a bit, making them feel more in tune with the areas they are exploring. The different costumes can range from a cowboy costume for the desert or a business man costume for the city.

In conclusion, Super Mario Odyssey is a great game for any age. It’s easy enough for younger players but complex enough for older, more experienced gamers. The game is very long and will give the player a lot to do. 8.8/10

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