Resident Evil PacMan

Resident Evil Pac-Man is a top-down maze type game where the objective is to escape from the multiple monsters that will follow the player around. I got inspiration from a recent Resident Evil game I played, and thought making it in a Pac-Man style way would be achievable with my current level of game-making skills.

In the game you find yourself alone in some sort of hallway with no lighting anywhere, except a small aura surrounding the player. One word is written on the floor in front of you – “ESCAPE”. Your only source of navigation is to move along the silhouette of the walls, in search the of an exit. However, zombie-like creatures prowl in the dark with you, and relentlessly harass you in your attempt to escape. You succeed by escaping, and you lose if you are trapped and killed by the monsters.

I’m pretty proud of my game, even though I never figured out how to get the enemy to face the player when chasing them. But I tried and I still thinks it’s a good game.



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