Emergency Intelligence

Emergency Intelligence is a two player tactical game. One player will have a map that shows where the enemies and traps are. The other will be put into a map with limited visibility. The player with the instructions has to help guide the other player through the map to the exit while killing enemies and avoiding traps. This game will be a first person shooter. Our map will be quite simplistic, consisting of a house with a few rooms. One player with have full view of everything on the map and the other player will be almost blind, having a very limited view window. 


Image source here.

These are just some images for concepts that we had so we had something to work with.

Core mechanics 

1: Movement (You can move forward, backward, left, right, sprint and jump)

2: Shooting (It’s a FPS and the gun works but you can’t reload there is also no recoil or aim down sites)

3: Enemies (Get destroyed when shot, they also have a gun but it doesn’t work)

4: Multi screen (Is a sort of split screen but you can’t the other screen)

Screen shots

End product

Emergency Intelligence-1uagcr3




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