Final Destruction

A game by J’n’J Games

Final Destruction is a post-apocalyptic, top down, point based shooter.  The aim is clear as many “Zambi’s” as possible in the time limit given.

The idea for the game design came from our love for shooter games. The task was to create a two player game, and this is where we had the idea to create a top down, two player shooter game.

Initially the idea was to create a multi-levelled game with objectives and NPC’s, but this fell through as we ran out of time and resources, so we changed the game brief to fit with a point based game that relies on a timer to end the stage. We also had the idea to add a score board to the end screen, after the timer finishes you are able to view the scores of the previous game.

You play as two random civilians within a zambi infested airport. The objective of the game is to kill as many Zambi’s as you can before back-up arrives and saves the day.

The game code was written by Josh, and the map and character design was done by Jackson. The code is the base of any game therefore it took the majority of the given time. Josh also completed coding out of class so it could be completed on time. The ideas for the characters were mainly from the internet and from the creative mind of Jackson.

Note: The game uses just one monitor, but needs an extra keyboard for play.

By Josh and Jackson


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