Maze Race

‘Maze Race’ is a basic two player competitive game. The game and controls are kept to a basic and easy to function state, making the game playable for all ages young to old.

The objective of the game is to get to 3 first as the game is a best of 5 series of mazes to compete through. In a bid to keep the matches fast and simple, the decision was taken to not allow punishment for contact of walls or map edges & sides.

The origins of the concept for a maze racing/competitive game first came about due to lack of options already consisting in this genre of games. Given the basic perception and functionality of the game, the intended audience for the game was based around the younger generations notably from the ages of 10-16.

In addition to the simplicity of the controls and graphics, the running requirements to run the game are kept to a mere minimum by only needing to use Windows systems or GameMaker 2 Studio programs to operate the game without problems. No extra hardware or components required.


  • GameMaker Studio 2.0 project files: Maze Race-2m3h6uu
  • Standalone version (Windows): COMING SOON

By Calen & Daniel

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