I See Red, Green, Blue

I See red is a challenge to design a robot that does something when it sees red with a further stretch goal to get the robot to see multiple colors and do something different with each color.

The design of the robot went through no modifications.

During the research phase of the design we tested different colored cards and experiment mode to discover the color value of each color than began design the code to detect the different colors and act different for them.

The code changed majorly 3 times (see appendix for the code) before settling on the version 3 of the code that is able to detect red, green blue and no color. Each of the different color would cause it to change its behavior and say the color it was currently on. While on no color the robot would move forward till running into a color than ran that program.



Version 3 of the I see Red code
Robot design for I see Red
Version 2 of the I see Red code

By Mj and Kessler

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