Sumo Fighting Robot Kano

For the sumo challenge, we built an awesome sumo fighting robot called Kano. Kano is different to all the other robot designs because it has a weapon.

We wanted to make a simple but effective build. We tested many different builds and programs to get the best result for Kano.

There was some very difficult programming to get the robot to spin around and to stop at the black line at the edge of the board. We had to change a few things with our program, which meant that we had to take a step back to move forward.

We made some changes to the robot and the programming and we had to test them out. We had to change the weapon to no weapon because it was not working. It would go down, but it would cause the program to glitch.

In the end with no weapon we came third in our class.


By MJ and Kessler

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