B.I.N. is a functioning robotic rubbish bin.

The idea was to develop a bin which could stop and start with the use of a sensor. There would also be a separate sensor, if you wave foot or hand over it, it would open the lid. Easy and simple to use, works like a bin.


It was it was the last idea that was available, out of the three ideas originally. Those ideas being a serving device for medication that will automatically serve the perfect amount of drugs (meant for elderly), a portable door alarm that will notify you if a person is at the door via watch/phone notification (meant for poor hearing people), and an arm (meant for amputees), these ideas were good but other groups had already chosen them, and the arm was already done multiple times before.

The idea was a well known invention used almost every day within homes. we just decided to give it wheels and sensors for the appropriate action, like moving on a set track and opening the lid with a wave or object coming into contact with said sensor.

What we learnt is that we need more parts to built big robots and programming is harder than it looks.

The Outcome

It all worked, but with trial and error. Like figuring out the right way to build the robot, to keep the lid on top, and hold it together.

In the ideal situation of this being in a cafeteria, it would have a track that would be under the floor along with the electronics so if people were to try and pick it up and mess with the technical components, it would be harder to do. it would also need to be make the bin stand and the lid of a stronger material too withstand larger/fuller bin.

Future Plans

With a little more work and a lot more effort, it could be made into a delivery robot. If it were to be running of a GPS related system, it would be able to move on footpaths in cities and could be activated with a QR code or something like that and it would unlock revealing your package.

In a similar way you could add a table top and make it run on a track in a restaurant as a server with a shell to keep your food warm/hot. It would also open with an order code or a scannable tag.

Team members

  • Harrison
  • Jameson
  • Nick
  • Isaac
  • Jack



Screenshot of program

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